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Los Barriles Community Fun Ride


Add to the fun!

Come dressed as a recognizable movie character

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      This year's theme -
'Classic Movies'

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ATV Fun Los Barriles Charity Ride

Whats new this year?

1) This website!

2) This year the route is longer, but less technical.

3) There are more Question Stations, and lots more questions!

4) Extra points awarded if you come dressed as a  movie character.

5) A photographic competition.  

Having Fun on the Los Barriles Community ATV Fun Ride
Ride Info

About the Ride

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This is a fun event for everyone who enjoys a ride on their 4WD vehicle be it a Quad, or a Side-by-Side.

In small groups, setting off at 5 min intervals in the morning, you will drive a 30 mile (40K) varied course through beautiful scenery in the back country behind Los Barriles.


Before departure you will be given a set of written driving directions. The course will be marked by blue arrows and ribbons, and marshals will be available to assist if needed.

Along the route you will come across ‘Classic Movie’ Question Stations.  These will be well marked by blue tape.  Here you will find paper plates pinned up. Each plate will test your knowledge of your favorite classic movies.

This is not a race.


Take your time to enjoy the ride and the beautiful scenery of the Los Barriles back country, the ‘Classic Movies’ question stations, the refreshment opportunities, and other activity stops you may encounter.

The muster area. and start, will be from the beach, 500 mts North of Rancho Buena Vista (Where the El Coro Arroyo meets the sea.)

Please ensure that your are at the muster area at least 15 minutes before your start time.

The course finishes at Lazy Daze restaurant where you will be able to get a drink, and lunch, and discover how many of your answers are correct. 

Here you will also be able to find out if you have won a raffle prize.        

Parts of the trails will be dusty so bring along a mask. Also bring along plenty of money for drinks and raffle tickets, pen/pencil, and reading glasses (if needed)


If your group wishes to take a break during the event please move off to the side of the trail so other vehicles can easily pass by

Los Barriles Back Country ATV Riding -   Common Sense

Always drive with your headlights on.  (It makes it much easier for the others to keep an eye out for you)

Drive respectfully past people’s houses.  (Drive slow enough to not kick up unnecessary dust)


Do not damage Rancher’s property, fences, gates, buildings, waterlines etc. (Bad behavior by ATV riders will result in the loss of access to their lands)


Drive slowly in the presence of livestock. (The milk supply of a cow dries up if the cow gets distressed. The result is the death of their calf causing a big financial loss to the Rancher)

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How To Register

Every year all the group spots for this event fill up before the end of November.


It is still possible to get a place on the ride

If you really want to enjoy 'The Most ATV Fun You'll Ever Have"


Email Gordon  with the names and email addresses of the people you want to register.   Arrange to drop off your registration fees.

Gordon will then work to fit you in and then give you a start time.

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Please ensure that you are at the muster

area at least 15 minutes before your start time.

What if, after I have registered my group more friends want to join my group? 

No Problem. Just email Gordon with their names and emails. We will add them to the list and they can pay their registration fee before your group departs.


*What if, I am new to town and / or don’t have a group of 8 or more?  

No Problem. We have allocated a start time just for this situation and will combine you with others in the same position.  Email Gordon


What if, after I have paid my registration fee I am unable to attend the event?

No Problem. In this case please let Gordon know by emailing  so we aren’t looking for you in the muster area and can continue to ensure the event runs smoothly.  The Feeding the Hungry Charity will gladly accept your registration fee as a donation.

Classic movies Fun Ride
For Charity Dec 2023

Every peso of the registration fees go towards supporting the Los Barriles Feeding the Hungry Charity


What mechanical checks on my vehicle should I do before the event?

You are going out on the rough roads of the back country, so at a minimum you should check :- your fuel level (It would also be prudent to fill up with fuel before the start)  oil level, coolant level, and tire pressures (see below). 

What tire pressures do you recommend?

You would be strongly advised to lower your tire pressures from what you use driving around town.  Folks who regularly use these trails usually run with 8 – 10 lbs in the back and 6 lbs in the front.  This will make for easier riding over the sand, and better grip on the trails.

What If I have a mechanical problem enroute?

First move your vehicle from blocking the trail. Then send the rest of your group on to the next marshal. (There are several marshals out on the course.)  The marshal will set things in motion for help to arrive. 

What if I get stuck on the trail?

In the unlikely event this happens: Reduce your tire pressures for better grip. Put rocks/dirt under the wheels. Get the rest of your group to help push/lift your vehicle as you drive. It is amazing how easily moved ATVs are by a number of people pushing.

Are there any refreshments available?

Yes. there will be a bar set up in the bush serving ice cold beers and soft drinks also keep your eyes open for the James Bond Martini stall. (all proceeds going to the Los Barriles Feeding the Hungry Charity) You will also be able to get drinks (and food) at Lazy Daze at the end of your ride.


Helpful hint:

Ask the lead vehicle in your group to drive 15 – 20 yards past the question station before parking, and then walk back to it.  This will give other vehicles in your group time to arrive. It also gives them easier access to the questions than if your vehicle is blocking them. Please encourage the driver of the second vehicle in your group to do the same.

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vibrance PROJECT 3.gif

What last years riders said!

Sphere on Spiral Stairs

Taryn Penta

On behalf of The Rolling Stoners, we had a blast; muchas gracias to all the volunteers that put this together! Hard work for a great cause

The 'Must Do' Event of the Season

Charity Support

Charity Support

Because no one should go to bed hungry.

This is a charity fundraising event in support of Los Barriles Feeding the Hungry Program.

The Feeding the Hungry Charity works with the least fortunate in our community by providing them with weekly food vouchers.

poor family 5.jpg

Every peso you pay in your 500 peso per person registration fee goes to support this Program.

poor family 3.jpg

Before your group departs you will also be encouraged to buy raffle tickets to support the Charity.  The draw will be made during the event, and displayed at Lazy Daze, so by the time you finish you will be able to see if you have won a prize.

Ways this event raises money:

1 Registration Fees

2 Funds from the 50/50 raffle (please buy tickets)

3 Profits from the refreshments sold enroute (please spend generously)

4 Extra gifts made by people who wish to support the Feeding the Hungry Charity.



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